Mtre Sylvie Lortie |

Areas of Practice

  • Notarial law in general
  • Real estate law
  • Personal law
  • Estate law

Mtre Sylvie Lortie is a highly qualified civil law professional with extensive 35-year experience as a notary. Possessing a bachelor’s degree in civil law, she further enhanced her expertise by obtaining a Master’s degree in notarial law from the University of Ottawa. Her passion for law and dedication to her clients are evident in her professional practice, where she consistently employs her skills and expertise to serve those she represents.

Through her years of practice, Ms. Lortie has developed a profound understanding of the complex aspects of notarial law. She excels in drafting legal documents, managing real estate transactions, and estate planning. Her ability to provide clear and precise legal advice tailored to the specific needs of her clients has earned her a reputation for excellence and reliability within her professional community.

In addition to her technical expertise, Ms. Lortie is recognized for her attentive and empathetic approach to her clients. She strives to create an environment where they feel confident and well-supported throughout the legal process. Her dedication to her clients, combined with her legal expertise, makes Ms. Sylvie Lortie a valuable ally for those seeking effective and informed solutions in vital areas such as civil and notarial law.